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When Wellworx was 6-50 fitness, I tried them, supposedly on a "trial basis". I was told that if I could not use their facilities I could quit.

I went twice and had difficulty getting into and out of the pool, so I quit paid my one month and thought that was it. Then next month I got another draft to my account from them, so I called and was told I had to quit in writing, so I sent a letter. I did so, then next month, another draft went through. So I called my bank and had them block the drafts.

At the time the way they did this was to block the amount of the draft (ie., 36.27 or whatever). So, next month I get TWO drafts, one for 20 and one for 16.37 (these are not the exact amounts, this was back around 2000. Well I had to close that account and open a new one because they would start sending drafts through for anywhere between 1 dollar to a couple of hundred to get their money (or what they thought was theirs). Well recently I have been getting bills from them and harassing phone calls with them threatening to take my car and my house (I do not have a house..) and they say that the total is now 3949 dollars.

Wellworx bought out 650 by the way. They have an "F" rating with the BBC with no less than 27 complaints filed against them.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Par for the course. I was told I had to send a "certified letter" to cancel my membership -- Total BS.

They also raise the rates as soon as you go month to month. The reason my family will no longer wants to go is because the upkeep is terrible. Wellworx pools are NASTY. They are not cleaned, maintained and they are in need of resurfacing.

Also during the summer - forget taking your kids or getting a peaceful workout because they allow schools and daycares to use the facilities and the pools. You may pull in one day and see school buses in the parking lot and screaming kids everywhere. The staff post a list of activities which will prohibit use by other members during the activity, however these times change you may show up and not be able to do what you were planning. Furthermore, the STAFF IS ARROGANT and the GENERAL MANAGER is NO HELP.

He said send him an email and he would correct the problems and do something special for us. What did he do? --- nothing --- not even a response.

When I finally spoke to someone honest at the facility, they said they are constantly getting complaints. Don't be fooled -- find yourself a better place.

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