ANYONE that gets a membership from this place should have their head examined..More than 4 years ago I bought a 1 year membership,paid cash,didn't want to renew,never went back and never used the facility after my membership expired..They have tried to tell me I still owe an unpaid balance for the last 4 years...They threaten legal action,damaging my credit rating and continue to harass me for payment OR SETTLEMENT...Yeah Tina Graham says if I just pay something,they will leave me alone..I love telling everyone I know to NEVER JOIN THIS FACILITY...NEVER JOIN WELLWORX...THEY WILL TRY TO RIP YOU OFF FOR MORE MONEY AFTER YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS OVER..SHAMELESS EXCUSE FOR A BUSINESS ANDTHEIR TACTICS SHOULD BE CRIMINAL

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Memphis, Tennessee, United States #675451

WellWorx is a rip off. WellWorx only cares about money.

They are price gougers. In order to use their facilities, they will charge $25 for one day.

This is ridiculous. No other gym is this hard-up for cash.

Memphis, Texas, United States #589385

I got burned once, joined for a year and they auto renew. After a few years went back.

Paid cash, told them I did not want to auto renew. Guess What. Told the office that I had joined, paid cash and did not want it to renew. The woman in the office said, "they" the people who signed me up, could not do that.

Sorry, pay us the extra month, and a month for the 30 day notice.

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