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I have been a member since 2004 and I am putting info of my good experiences with Wellworx so people know that the club has a great staff and so much variety. I have always paid my bill so I don't know how their collections department is.

They offer rehabilitation for injuries and the trainers have always answered questions I have had without chargin me for a session. These reviews are unfair and tell only one side fo the story. Their cancellation process is simple. Send a certified letter and it is done.

That way someone else can't call and cancel your membership. Not the most convenient way, but it protects me. They have racquetball and basketball and warm water classes.

They have lap pool and have just redone the entire pool area.

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Please, we are expected to believe you are defending this clubs practices out of the goodness of your heart. I have never heard of cancellation policy such at theres.

When you go in person hand them a letter why would you ever need to send a certified letter. I have belonged to at least 7 gym in the past 12 years and have never once had an issue. Yet this company has the worse BBB rating I have ever seen. Clearly they are not a fair or rebutable business.

I would suggest understanding the issues than giving a advertisment for the gym. This is assuming you are in fact a legitimate consumer and not someone paid by Wellworx.

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