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Do not join this club!!!

They look like a good club and they advertise a lot promoting their club.

However, beware... once you join you will never be able to stop your membership.

Been trying for over two years to get them to stop billing me for a membership that was appropriately cancelled with proper notification and NO pending contract stipulations.

THIS IS NOT A ISOLATED is happening to a number of people that have cancelled their membership with the club.

Tried to rectify...however, they will not return calls and will not respond to any attempts to try to resolve the issue...they just keep the bills coming with collection threats.

Even went to the club in person and they would not let me see the individual responsible for this. Was told I would have to leave a message and they would get back to me. Never Happened !!

Reader BEWARE !!

Monetary Loss: $5.

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I had a pre-paid membership that expired in September 2008. I chose not to renew.

WellWorx contintued to bill me monthly fees higher than I initially paid and have put me in collections. I had no intention of renewing until 2010.

They claim to have sent me a postcard. Ha!

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