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We paid for our memberships up front for a whole year. We ended up moving away 6 months into it (JOB TRANSFER) and had to forfeit all the $$$ we had paid upfront. THEY DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS! In fact their contract even states that they will not refund money even in the event that they cease to do business!

It gets worse... so after moving away I didn't really spend my days thinking about the contract I had signed a year earlier. Turns out they will automatically continue to charge me at a higher rate come the end of my contract (February 2012). So I send my certified letter to cancel in January after receiving a notice that they would begin charging me again in February. Then I get a call (from Wellworx) saying that I MUST PAY FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY in order to cancel my contract...... Its still January! OK, they didn't get 30 days notice... so what. Wave the fee.... put the membership on hold for 30 days until the cancellation can be processed.... Offer something. But no I am told " IT WOULD BE BREAKING THE LAW TO WAVE THE CHARGES FOR FEBRUARY AND THEY CANT BREAK THE LAW!!! As if the police would show up and arrest somebody at Wellworx for not screwing me and my boyfriend out of another months dues.

Not all gyms are like this... I had a great experience with Bally's. After Bally's received our notice they refunded our dues for the two months since we had moved away. I didn't even expect a refund because we were on a month to month contract with them.

My advice- SIGN UP WITH A LARGER FRANCHISE GYM THAT IS NOT SO HARD UP FOR CASH. Larger gyms often put CUSTOMER SERVICE first rather then $$$.

Also, Notice all the reviews have pretty much the same complaint.... I'd be willing to bet they won't be in business for long. THE REASON I SIGNED UP WITH THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE WAS BECAUSE THEY ARE NEVER BUSY... I NEVER HAD TO WAIT TO USE THE EQUIPMENT. NOW I KNOW WHY!

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